2024 Schedule is coming soon!!

What You Will Learn:

~ How to potentially reduce or eliminate taxes on your Social Security benefits

~ How Biden’s new tax law may affect your retirement planning and future income expectations

~ How working may reduce your monthly benefits or increase taxation on them

~ Little known strategies to combine Social Security, Ordinary Income, and Capital Gains to potentially maximize your income while reducing annual taxes

~ How special claiming strategies may significantly increase your total benefits

~ Why the Social Security Administration is strictly prohibited from giving you any advice on filing your claim

~ Special strategies for married couples, divorced individuals, and widows

… and more!

Class Fee:

Class fee is $15 per couple. Includes a workbook for you and your guest.

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SPG and FES are not affiliated with or endorsed by Medicare, the Social Security Administration or any government agency.

None of the material in this class is intended to give you specific retirement planning, tax, investment, real estate, insurance, legal, accounting or financial advice, but rather to serve as an educational platform to deliver information.  SPG does not provide tax, estate, or legal advice. Consult with a professional prior to making any financial decisions for your personal situation.